A New Generation of Samsung a03s Models


Samsung a03 is one of the latest mobile phones from Samsung. This is one of the most advanced models in the Samsung Galaxy series. Samsung has built this phone with the latest technology and with features that are not seen in any other model of its type. Let us take a look at what this model has to offer you. samsung a03s

The Samsung a03 Price: The Samsung a03 has a very low cost as compared to others of its class. It comes in single SIM and double SIM variants. The single SIM variant is available at just a reasonable price of $ Manifesto or $15, while the double SIM variant is available at $20 and can be used for either an English or an American carrier. It has been given a good pricing by Samsung since it is new in the market. It has been given a tough competition and comes with features that have made it stand out amongst its competitors. It has got a very large 3GB RAM, a nice large screen and runs on Gingerbread, the operating system of Android.

Storage capacity: The Samsung galaxy a03 comes with a large internal memory that offers you ample storage space. This also helps you to run a better version of your apps as you do not have to wait for the next transfer to complete. You can keep plenty of music, movies and other contents on this device. In fact, it offers you a dedicated slot for the media files.

Rear Camera: The Samsung a03 has got a very powerful rear camera with a high PPI density. This helps to make the pictures more visible when taking videos. It has got a sensitive secondary camera as well, that helps in taking clear pictures.

Multi-mode support: Samsung has designed the Samsung a03 price with the help of a multi-mode support. This feature supports both, standard and microSD cards. This gives you the liberty to choose the most convenient option for you and ensures that you never run out of memory space even if you are using the phone for a long time. It helps you to use the two sim slots simultaneously. It also has an easiness to insert a new SIM card in the Samsung a03 price.

Software: The Samsung Galaxy a03 supports the latest versions of Samsung’s operating system which is based on Jellybean. It also comes with the TFT (True Tone Technology) that allows the phone to show the caller’s actual tone. There is a version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 which comes with a physical keyboard. The Samsung Galaxy S4 also supports the Vibrant Mobile UI, which is a very smooth skin. The other versions of the Samsung Galaxy A series come with Senseo, which offers a 3D touch sensitive screen. The Samsung Galaxy S4 also features Dual Shot Image Viewer, allowing you to take different pictures and then share them through different social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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